Profile Of The Month: I Kadek Agus Sudira, CEO of Yan’s House Hotel

When you enter Yan’s House Hotel Bali, you are actually entering the residence of Mr. Agus Sudira. Rather than continuing his father’s business – Yan’s Bungalow – he decided to knock down every part and rebuild this home. Agus and his staff treat guest like an old friend or family, and this is hospitality on a next level. Their rooms have 11 different design with personality of their own, just like when we stayed at a friend’s house. His management style is different, and risky, but he goes way and beyond to make sure that Yan’s House Hotel is your house too, and you can make yourself at home.

WNB: Can you tell us a bit about why you build Yan’s House Hotel?

Agus: My father, Wayan Merta, built Yan’s Bungalow slowly throughout the years from 4 rooms to 40 rooms. I grew up here, so since I was still in High School I dream of someday running my own hotel. However, I notice how rigid the hotel concept are, from its building to its room and service. So when I build Yan’s House Hotel I wanted to break those rules. The idea is to make it affordable and give options on the room theme and prices so everybody can stay in a hotel. I use the word House because I wanted something that represent a house and have the comfort of a home. Yan’s House is my father’s house, my house and we invite you to come and stay with us.

WNB: The concept is totally different that Yan’s Bungalow. What did you keep from the previous place?

Agus: Just like a house, in this place I kept most of the pictures from Yan’s Bungalow. You can see it in our lobby. I wanted the staff and the guest to cherish these memories, as I cherish them. This is a piece of history that must be remembered so we’ll always be grateful and be grounded. Another thing I continue from my father’s place is the spirit of family and creating bonds with one another.

WNB: What do you learn from your father in terms of hotel management?

Agus: I learn the importance of being honest. When doing marketing of a promotion or events, we have to give what we promise our customer. This will create trust, and they will come again and again. I also saw how he was with the staff and guests, and how he always treats everybody like his family. He always educate his staff that it is important to be honest, to work hard, and to have a sense of belonging so they will take care of this house too.

WNB: Wow, this is so simple and true.

Agus: Yes, this concept of home and family became my inspiration as I was building Yan’s House Hotel. I chose a Victorian era theme because that era has strong sense of family and ownership pride. However, I design it with a contemporary angle to make it hip. The key is to make an impression and to create memory. So we will welcome everyone who come nicely and sincerely (not forced or fake). Just smile and say hello, nothing exaggerated. As long as you do it with all your heart, the guest will feel it too.

WNB: You have 11 room designs at Yan’s House Hotel. Which one is your favourite?

Agus: This is quite tricky cos I love each room depending on my mood that day. This is also the reason why I designed them to suits every mood and every needs. The quadruple room is perfect for friends travelling together. The bachelor’s pad is more classic and masculine. If you like simple and calm room, I like the vintage groove. And since I love being ‘different’ I designed the laid back theme. Well, you can see it all in our website.

WNB: What do you do for fun?

Agus: All I do in my down time is relaxing with my family and friends while eating good food and talking freely. It’s so simple. However, I also love classic car, and this is my ultimate hobby where I can express myself freely.

WNB: Last question, we’ve been talking a lot about Yan’s House. What about the house where you live in?

Agus: I live in a traditional Balinese house. So it’s a big lawn with several buildings on it with specific layout, size and function. I think this is a bit like Yan’s House because each room is designed to suit a different mood and preferences. In both places, comfort is key. That is something I must have, and will give to the guest.


Jl. Kartika Plaza Kuta Bali, Indonesia 80361
+62361 752 388


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