Quila, An Experience Like No Other

alila-villas-uluwatu-dining-quila-05Satisfy your five senses with 10-course dinner from Alila Uluwatu’s own, Chef Marc Lorés Panadés at their new QUILA dining room.

Early this December, What’s New Bali was invited to attend a dinner party at the new dining room from Alila Uluwatu, QUILA. However, what we experience is far more than just wine and dine. It’s meeting new friends and chat like we’ve known each other for years, discussing each item we eat and be surprised by the amazing creations, and of course going home with a big smile knowing that all that we know about food has changed.

alila-villas-uluwatu-dining-quila-03The name QUILA combines ‘qui’, which stands for ‘he who transforms’, with Alila, and aptly reflects the transformative dining experience presented within its exclusive setting. This exclusive dining experience is limited to a maximum of 10 guests each night within QUILA’s intimate five-table indoor setting. So reservation is a must. You should also share your dietary requirements in advance, so Chef Marc can prepare the food accordingly. Other than that, you just have to sit down, prepare yourself to try new things and just surrender to the unexpected.

Dinner at QUILA consist of 10 course dinner paired with extract drinks that the Chef creates to add the experience in-between courses. The menu will change daily because Chef Marc and his team are just excited playing with new and fresh ingredients that they found from the local market. Chef Marc’s philosophy is “getting to the root of every single product, by getting as local, organic and sustainable as possible”. The menu of mainly Mediterranean-inspired creations combines fresh seasonal local produce with modern cooking techniques, styled in uniquely different and playful ways. Each plate is perfectly sized to deliver a powerful punch, a flavorsome bite, or a provocative palate.

alila-villas-uluwatu-dining-quila-01As you enter the intimate dining room, you would be amazed by the 2000 vintage batik stamps used as part of the decoration. As you start dinner, you will be blindfolded, you will be told a story about a dragon, you will eat the most delicious mushroom as dessert and you will be blown-away by the beautiful presentation. This is what comes with dining at QUILA. And just like the story of St. George, the night ends with a happy ending.

Reservations: +62 361 848 2166, email: uluwatu@alilahotels.com



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