Review: Above Eleven Bali

Last September, Above Eleven hosted a grand opening party in Jimbaran Bali. After hearing so much hype from its previous outlet in Bangkok, we visited the place to see whether it lived up to our expectations.

There must be something great about Peruvian cuisine that What’s New Bali got to try two Peruvian Restaurant in Bali the same week. Here’s what we know so far. In Peru, there’s so many influences in their food elements. That is why you can get Peruvian Italian, Peruvian France, Peruvian Chinese, Peruvian Africa and of course Peruvian Nikkei or Peruvian Japanese. The last one is what we tried at Above Eleven Bali because this is focus of their restaurant.

First of all, we got to say that the place is stunning. There’s always something special about Rooftop bars and restaurants in Bali, simply because there’s so much to see. We all know that there are restrictions on building height in Bali, ensuring that the sky is free to be enjoyed by everyone. In Above Eleven’s case, you can see the ocean, the hills of Jimbaran and of course, the great blue sky and it’s stunning sunset. The place opens from 4PM, so make sure you catches the moment when the sky turns bright orange while sipping on their delicious cocktails.

There are several areas to choose from. From the elevator, you are immediately taken to a journey with green pathways leading to the park in the sky. Enter the 258 seat restaurant through a dimly lit maze and choose between both indoor and outdoor seating. Guests seeking a little more upbeat experience are invited to walk through a tunnel of greenery to an extension of the venue: Gramercy Park – a young and buzzy section complete with its own cocktail & spirits bar that resembles a trendy food-truck.

We sit and chat with Chef Renzo Vacchelli, who has worked in kitchens in Peru, Germany and London. Because he lived in Peru before, we decided that it is wise to let him choose dinner for us with keywords being the authentic Peruvian dish. He explains that at Above Eleven, he focuses on Nikkei cuisine – a remarkable fusion of Peruvian and Japanese food cultures stemming from the migration of the Japanese to Peru in the early 1900s. Peruvian Japanese cuisine boasts creative and colorful dishes filled with texture and robust flavors that take your senses on an exciting adventure.

First off, Chef Renzo chooses the traditional Peruvian classics that came from the Cebiches section (fresh raw seafood marinated in red chilli Leche De Tigre: citrus-based marinade). We tried the Cebiche Tuna Nikkei that has bite-sized fresh tuna chunks with avocado, red unions, red chili and leche de tigre. This dish awoken our senses like a good smack in the cheek. Perfect for appetizers because it leaves us wanting more.

Then we move on to the Beef Empanadas which is baked pastry filled with rump beef, quail eggs, raisins, onions and olives. The shaped reminded us of Panada, a traditional dish from Sulawesi that’s ussually has roa fish as the fillings. However, the beef empanadas is baked and not fried. So it has a cleaner taste that blends beautifully with the rich fillings. It’s interesting to see how they sprinkle a bit of icing sugar on top, because it gives a great balance of sweet and savoury.

Another thing that is signature to Peruvian cuisine is their Anticuchos, which is basically grilled skewers. They have chicken teriyaki, pork miso, baby squids and eggplant. But if you want to understand what is Peruvian food, go for their signature Anticucho Beef Heart. You will get four skewers with a good sized heart served with Peruvian Sauces Trio. It is our first time eating beef heart, and it’s very interesting. We, Indonesian, loved our innards. So, try it!

Moving on to Main Course, they have three options: From the Garden, From The Land and From the Sea. This time the Chef brings us Arroz Con Pato which is duck leg confit served with coriander rice, seasonal veggies, salsa criolla, and red huancaina sauce. What can we say, the duck is cooked beautifuly and seasoned really well. But for us, the star is in the coriander rice that just screams comfort food. We love it!

If you come to Above Eleven for the first time, make sure to try the dishes with the star sign next to it. Or, simply choose something from its Tasting Menu.

Samasta, lifestyle Villa at Jalan Wanagiri No.1 Jimbaran
+62 811 386 0402


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