Review: Arsana Bali

When Arsana first opened in 2015, it was the rise of Indonesian food in fancy restaurants. Two years later we are hearing great things about the restaurant and they are still consistent in serving a true taste of Indonesia. We tried some of their fabulous dishes, and here’s what we love about them!

Arsana means happy, and if you look at their logo closely, you can see a cute smiley face. This is because Indonesian food will make you happy, trust us! It also symbolizes the Indonesian hospitality and its famous smile that you can experience when you come to eat here. From the way you enter the restaurant until you go home, the staff at Arsana will make you feel at home.

That day, we are greeted by Mr Heru, the General Manager of Arsana Bali. “We did some changes in the menu, giving it a more modern style but staying true to the Indonesian recipes and flavour. We respect the journey of creating every single dish, starting from where each ingredient is sourced, how it is processed, the distinct taste every combination creates, and how a complete dish is finally created. There is no compromise on the quality of ingredients we use, and the authenticity of each dish we serve at Arsana,” he said during our lunch.

Arsana is located right on the main street of Petitenget, at the junction of Alila’s Seminyak entrance. The restaurant shares the same area with the hotel, but are operating under different management. So it is its own independent restaurant. As we enter, we can see a spacious and open restaurant with minimalistic decór in warm earthy tones. There are 120 seats, both indoors and outdoors. So the place is perfect for group events as well.

For lunch, we choose a pretty big selection. Since there are so many things to choose from. From Balinese own famous dishes to everywhere all over Indonesia. They have Soto Ayam Lamongan, Tekwan from Palembang, Asinan Jakarta, Selat Solo Wagyu, Wagyu Rendang and so much more. Each one of these dishes look amazing, so it’s extra hard to make a choice.

We decided to start with Manten Soup, which is Chicken Roulade with Carrots and Snow Peas in Clear Chicken Consommé. This dish is pretty simple, but the taste brings back memories of our grandma chicken soup. It is a soup from Solo that is usually served at weddings. It’s warm, it’s light and filled our heart with love.

Next, we ordered a portion of Buntil Salmon, which is Steamed Salmon wrapped in Papaya Leaves with Prawns in Spiced Coconut Milk. In Java, this is the dish that you can commonly found in each household. It’s rich with flavours because they usually filled the papaya leaves with anchovies and spices. However, Arsana Bali elevates the flavour by filling it with Salmon instead. It’s such a great addition. We love this new and modern take to the traditional buntil.

We paired that with a plate of Aneka Sate. This is simply because we cannot choose which one to try. Aneka Sate consists of 10 skewers of Sate Ayam Madura, Sate Cumi Sambal Dabu-Dabu, Sate Wagyu Marangi, Sate Babi Rica-Rica and Sate Lilit Tuna Bali. We also had a portion of their Aneka Sambal, which are Sambal Matah, Sambal Dabu-dabu, Sambal Terasi, Sambal Ijo, Sambal Emba Bali. These sambals gave us a unique flavour with different heat in each one. Surely a genuine Indonesian sambal. The satay and the sambal is a perfect combination. They just give some kick to the super tender and beautifully cooked satay.

We end the day with Sarikayo, an Indonesian take on the famous Crème Brulée with Coconut Cream, Pandanus & Javanese Brown Sugar. This sweet treat is the perfect end to a perfect lunch.

If you want to try this authentic Indonesian experience, why don’t you try the CHEF’S TABLE? With only IDR 300K nett/pax for lunch (11 am to 5 pm) and IDR 550K nett/ pax for dinner (6 pm to 11 pm), you can enjoy dinner while the chefs surprise you with the best dishes, prepared right in front of you. You will be amazed by the complexity ingredients of Indonesia could look so easy yet delicious. Thank you for having us, Arsana Bali.

Jl. Taman Ganesha No.9 Petitenget, BALI
+62361 3023 888


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