Review: Bikini Restaurant

2017 has been interesting with the presence of new restaurants in Bali. We’ve reached the middle part of the year and one name that still pops up in everybody’s story is Bikini. So we decided to take things into our own hands and experience the pink lifestyle.


The name Adam McAsey and his 8 Degree Projects team are no stranger to the restaurant business in Bali. First they knock it out of the park with Sisterfields, and then continue their success with BO$$ MAN and the latest addition Expat. Roasters. Everything is at the same hip street in the heart of Seminyak. They just know good food, and know how to wow us with their whole vibe.

People wanted more, so they created Bikini. I mean, who name their restaurant bikini? What kind of food do they sell? These questions filled everybody’s mind. Moreover, they didn’t even put on a sign that says Bikini Restaurant. Instead they put a big and bright pink neon sign that says “U Look Hot in Bikini”. If that doesn’t get you curious and wanting to enter the venue, I don’t know what will.

So, last July, we visited the place and see what the fuss is all about. At Bikini, dinner starts at 6 PM. So if you came early then take a seat at the Front Bar lead by Mixologist Arey Barker, and order some yummy cocktails. The bartender is oh so friendly and knows just how to steal your heart… with his drinks. We start things off with Berries by Day, Dragon by Night and a glass of Hot Lips Chocolate Kiss. This sweet treats makes us crave for the food. Thank God, dinner is almost ready.

As we enter the restaurant area, our eyes goes directly to the bright fuschia wall on one side. This stunning graphic lines are created by Melbourne based artist, Ash Keating. He actually used paint-filled fire extinguishers which were strategically sprayed from floor to ceiling to create the impactful effect. This wall compliments the whole clean, sexy and modern look that is designed by Travis Walton Architecture and creative agency 21-19. They have big round sofas for those dining with friends and family; the dining table for a more intimate setting and the bar inside for those just looking to chill with some cocktails. There’s also the indoor garden area that can be used for private functions. And don’t forget to visit their famous bathrooms with (again) pink writings on the wall. Perfect for that mandatory bathroom selfie.

When it comes to food, Bikini is all about sharing. This fun and sexy dining concept is created bt Chef Jethro Vincent as the Creative Culinary Director. “The menu is a fusion of what’s in season, what’s on trend and what I love to cook. We have broken it down so diners will be taken on a journey from mouthfuls to small and large share plates with inventive cocktails to match” said Vincent. Guest has two options: to choose the food they want to try (ask for some recommendation from the staff, too. They’s super helpful) or leave everything in the chef’s hand with the “Feed me” option. With this last option, you can just sit tight while the chef sends out various menu to the table.

Want to know what we had? We start with something light – on the menu this is listed as Mouthfuls. The price listed is for one piece of something, so don’t hesitate to order more. We sure love our pics, starting from the Wagyu rendang empanada with green sambal; Oyster cracker with black garlic aioli, pickled shallot; Smoked eel and chicken skin cracker, fermented onion, herbs; and our personal favourite, the Foie gras parfait cigar, quince, bread and butter ash. Even though each dish is only a mouthful in size, they serve it in a way that makes the food looks like an art presentation. We pair these yummy starters with another round of cocktail: Bikini Planters Punch and East Side.

Then on to the next chapter: Small Plates. This time, we chose Beef tartare, herb emulsion, popped capers, linseed cracker; Prawn & scallop aguachili, avocado, cucumber, lime; and Potato gnocchi, soft egg, truffle. Everything is just so light, and effortless. You just dig in and try the food while talking to your loved ones. There’s just something intimate about sharing food, and Bikini embraces this with their menus.

Their last section is the Not a Small Plate. The only reason why we are still ordering is to try the famous Sticky Chinese 5 spiced pork belly with nam jim, master stock. We added the caramel Creamed corn, bacon butter, puffed pork skin, just because this combination sounds so sinful and delish. And this is exactly how it tasted.

For dessert, we chose three items. We wanted something sweet, sour and a bit bitter. (With the same order) We love our Strawberry compote, liquorice ice cream, basil oil; Valrhona chocolate & almond milk brulee, cherry sorbet; Caramelised white chocolate fondant, bitter almond, cocoa nib gelato. Then to end the night, we finished off with another round of cocktail, this time Fingers in the Jam Jar and a simple yet tasty Espresso Martini.

When the night end, we were full and happy. We can’t believe we ate all this food, but moreover we can’t believe how amazingly well-thought, beautifully designed and perfectly cooked the whole set menu was. That’s gotta be one of the best dining experience we’ve ever tried. And yes, we look HOT in Bikini. But maybe that’s the three cocktails we’ve had talking.


Jl. Kayu Cendana No.6, Seminyak
Call/WA +62 813 533 82346


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