Review: Cubana Restaurant & Bar

There’s a new restaurant by the busy street of Canggu right by Batu Bolong Beach, Cubana Restaurant & Bar and we are fortunate enough to be one of the people who get the first try. Here’s what we love about them.

What comes through your mind when you hear the word: Cuba. Well, I think of Havana, their cigars, Che Guevara, Rums, Mojito, their beaches, Santeria and so many more. You always felt some sort of festivitity but mixed with old city charm and the classic beauties. Now, Cuba has come to Bali as Aston Canggu Beach Resort opens its door to the public. Their main attraction is Cubana Restaurant & Bar located right by the entrance door, making it easy for people to come, eat, drink and chill after a long day at the beach.

Their interior is pretty catchy in the midst of a beachy area. In a place where it is common to see tropical vibes, thatched roof and colorful ambiance, Cubana stood out. The place is dominated with dark wood color with a hint of red and black. There’s a big neon light flashing the word CUBA, as if the place isn’t Cuban enough. Guest can choose whether they want to sit by the dining table, the bar or by the high comunal tables that can be shared with others. The restaurant can fit up to 60 people. It is also a great place to see and to be seen ad it overlook Pantai Batu Bolong Street. Watch out for them surfer hotties!

Then, as you look into the menu, you feel as if you’re in Cuba. The restaurant offers authentic Cuban food and the menu reflects it. Each dish is written in their original name, however you can see what’s in it because the description is in English. The food price range starts from 30k to 160k for the filet mignon. They’ve got the Ensaladas (salads), De Sopas (soups), Sandwiches, Carne (meat) to, well, dessert. We tried the Masitas De Puerco for our starters which is bites of fried spices pork chunks with mojo and onion. This is perfect as an entree, you just fork it and dip it in the delicious sauce, Mojo. Mojo is most common in Cuba and now we know why they loved it. It’s simple yet tasted heavenly. Then we tried their Paella Di Nero, which is a black ink rice with calamari, chili, bell pepper, cilantro and lemon. The black ink rice is so fragrant and savory. It compliments the grilled squid perfectly. Then we tried their Lechon Asados, which is grill pork with coriander, garlic and served with saffron rice. Since this is the second time we had pork, it is safe to say that they sure know how to cook their meat. They always leave the skin crispy while leaving the meat juicy and tender. Cuba is known for always serving their meat with rice or beans. So far, we love how creative they are with the rice. And we have mentioned that they are famous for their rums right? So grabbing a cocktail or two at the bar is not a bad idea either.

Cubana Restaurant and Bar is open for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. It is open from: 7AM to 11PM. Don’t forget to visit them when you’re in Canggu!

Aston Canggu, Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No. 99 Kuta Utara.


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