Review: Hawker Weekend Brunch at Tiger Palm

Weekends are made for relaxing. A time when you can wake up late, eat breakfast whenever and just chillin over great food. Well, if Asian cuisine are your thing, then Tiger Palm is where you should be. We tried their Hawker Weekend Brunch and are very impressed. Here’s why…

Street food are on the rise. Don’t believe us? Take it from Anthony Bourdain who is about to open a market filled with street food from around the world in New York. Last week, on the World Street Food Congress 2017 in Phillipines, he also said, “Food is a reflection—it may be the most direct and obvious reflection—of who we are, where we come from, what we love, who eats in a country, who doesn’t eat.” We couldn’t agree with him more.

Will Meyrick, one of Bali’s most prominent chef, loved his street food. He had travelled all over Asia and gathered up inspirations from the streets and decided to open his latest restaurant: Tiger Palm at Seminyak Village, Bali. This restaurant’s menu are diverse, starting from food that was influenced by the Malaysian Nyonya kitchen and Thai street food as well as food inspired by the Chinese traders and the kitchen wallahs of Southern India. ALl of these dishes are recreated using the best ingredients. The results are impressive.

What’s New Bali was invited to try their Hawker Weekend Brunch. This is available every Saturday and Sunday – from 12 to 4 PM. This brunch basically offers street food in their authentic form, with Tiger Palm twist. The restaurant will have three traditional food card outside: There’s the noodles and meatballs cart, the satay cart and the Thai cart. You can go and see the chef’s making your food live, and this is super interesting if you never had any experience with it before. They will also have a dimsum cart strolling around the restaurant so you can just choose and pick your favourites.
The Hawker Menu is divided into three parts: Dimsum, Satay and Noodles & Meatballs. Each one is priced at IDR 65.000 with the exception of one item that’s IDR 70.000. That one is the Nori chicken & prawn dumpling, and this is our favourite! They also have a dimsum called Cristal Jade scallop prawn shallot & sashimi that’s just too beautiful too eat. There’s also the pork dumplings; chicken & foie gras siew mai; and stuffed bittergourd tofu and chilli with fish dumpling. All these dimsums are hot from the cart, and we just love how easy it is to share.

The satay menu is definitely an upgraded version of the street food. Don’t worry tho, cos they’ve got all the right elements. They have the rice cake on the side, the union and chilli garnish and the suitable season. Like the Padang Beef Satay with the curry sauce. It’s an authentic version, yet the meat is so tender that it takes it to a new level. We love the Bali pork satay with sweet soy sauce and the sate lilit minced pork belly with coconut and balinese bumbu. I don’t know how they keep the meat juicy, but we sure love it.

If you want to try one of Obama’s favourite food in the world, try their bakso selection. They have the beef bakso soup with rice noodles, and Bakso Malang with soohun noodle. A bowl of these bad boys, especially with the chilli is the Indonesian version of a comfort food. But our favourite must be the dry wonton mie with chicken crispy wonton choy sum. This is for those not in the mood for soup, but rather want something sweet and savoury at the same time. Last but not least they have the Pad Thai rice noodle and Stir Fried Kway Teow, in case you still a dose of carbs. That’s delicious carbs, by the way.

We eat and chat and laugh, and before we know it, the brunch time is almost over. I guess time flies when you’re having fun. So come and try the Hawker Weekend Brunch at Tiger Palm Bali. We love it!

Seminyak Village
+62812 3634 3386


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