Review: Hujan Locale bringing Indonesian Flavour to Ubud

Hujan Locale is no new kid on the block. If you’ve been around Ubud, you’ve heard or tried eating at least once at this restaurant. This is because a restaurant from Will Meyrick is not to be missed. From Sarong, Mamasan, and the new Tiger Palm, Will’s commitment and passion for food makes him a household name in Bali. As a man from London who came to Sydney and explore all over South East Asia and now Indonesia, Will Meyrick knows his spices and local farmers well. This is the heart and soul of Hujan Locale.

Hujan Locale is located on Jalan Sri Widari, footsteps from the bustling Ubud Central Market. Since opening in 2014, Hujan Locale has gained a reputation for serving high quality traditional Indonesian food, and this will never change. Starting from the corners of Sulawesi with its upscale version of Bubur Manado, to the famous Lombok’s Taliwang style chicken, Lake Toba Snapper Ceviche to Kari Kambing Aceh. All of the dishes brings curiosity even to the Indonesian people who might have not tried dishes from outside their home town. You might even say that Will surely knows Indonesia more than us Indonesians.

The restaurant is divided into two areas. On the first floor is an inviting lounge area with colorful sofas and marble top table. This is where you can enjoy Hujan Locale’s signature cocktails, twists on the classics and indulgently lavish creations, the Hujan Locale long board gourmet pizzas with locally sourced and unusual ingredients as well as an Indonesian Tapas style menu.

Upstairs is where you can enjoy their amazing food. The Hujan Locale’s dining area has become a 30 seater that opens for lunch from 12-6pm, and dinner from 6pm to 11pm. The menu will continue to celebrate the cuisine of Indonesia and honour the farm to table practices Hujan Locale is known for: The use of sustainably grown produce, the home smoked and cured meats, the locally sourced organic vegetables and the creation of contemporary twists on traditional Indonesian cuisine that has brought regional foods into the international spotlight. Hujan Locale’s new menu will reflect the elevation of Modern Indonesian Cuisine into a world class dining choice.

When you visit Hujan Locale, it is better if you have a driver with you, for parking can be a tricky thing – not to mention Ubud’s endless one-way street. Or, if you just finished browsing through Ubud Market Ubud’s main street, you can simply walk to the restaurant because it’s nearby. Once you got there, it’s like a sweet haven that offers the best of Indonesian food, and a quiet place to relax on a hot day. Come visit the place on your next trip to Ubud.

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