Review: Ji Terrace By The Sea

We all know and love the taste of history the Tugu groups bring. They are famous for their collection of antiques and for their beautiful hotels and restaurants. Their recent addition in Bali is the Ji Terrace by the Sea. Before this IT place is packed with vacationers looking for sunset spot, we tried and reviewed the place.

What do you seek when it comes to Sunset Spot in Bali? The view of the beach is a must, and even better when it’s located directly by the ocean so we can get an uninterrupted view of the sunset. It needs to have a chill vibe, with great music in the background that blends with the sound of the waves. Yummy cocktail is a must to get us in the right mood after a long day. Delicious food won’t hurt, either. When Ji Terrace by the Sea opens, people are excited to come and see it that the launch party was fully packed. This is when we know that Ji Terrace by the Sea is the new IT place in Bali cos it has all the qualities we listed above, and so much more.

Ji at Bale Sutra is an established restaurant in Bali known for its Japanese and Asian food. Last June 2017, they renovate the building and adds up a second and third floor. This is the location of Ji Terrace by the Sea. With hip places in its surrounding, like Old Man’s or The Lawn, Ji Terrace by The Sea surely brings its own uniqueness to the environment. Like a typical Tugu entity, the place is decorated with dark vibrant colors, beautiful sculptures and painting and lots of antiques. However, what makes it different is its bohemian twist that’s typical Canggu. The two blends perfectly in harmony. You can choose a garden vibe or straight ocean-facing view – they got it all. Not only that, they also have a deck that’s closer to the ocean. But we personally love the ambiance in the third floor with its rooftop stools.

The bar is located on the second floor, right next to the bright neon lights that says Ji Terrace by The Sea. With the Sea as their view, no wonder the bartenders always serves up amazing and creative cocktails. We try the signature Smokin’ Coco Sexo, inspired by the volcanoes of Indonesia. The Tiki glass is served on top of a coconut shell that exudes smokes from the dry ice. Perfect for some boomerang action. You can also try the Tugu signature Gin & Tea that uses gin infused with Javanese tea and other herbs. This is an irresistible favorite that can only be found at Tugu Hotels & Restaurants. Their sangria is also fun for a night out with the girls.

Just like the restaurant, Ji Terrace by the Sea also offers Japanese and Asian menu. They’re easy and light bites that goes well with our cocktails. Chef Colin Buchan (previously of Gordon Ramsay restaurants in London as well as Jason Atherton’s Pollen in Singapore and personal chef to David and Victoria Beckham) led a team of highly trained Chefs. The primary focus is on the exploration of exotic flavors from Japan, as well as Indonesia, India, Thailand as well as other regions of Southeast Asia. Using only the freshest local produce, the aim is to create a fascinating fusion of flavors that are at the same time comforting and heartwarming; an all-day dining experience that is both delicious and healthy, allowing for a few sinful desserts and hearty after-surf options.

That night, we try the light bites: Crispy Arancini Balls/IDR 55.000 that are small but so rich in flavours. They have crispy risotto bacon & truffle balls with curry sauce that’s just so yummy. It goes well with the Yellowfin Tuna Tataki/IDR 90.000 that’s just light and fresh. If you feel a bit hungry, then the Sticky Asian Chicken and Rice can be an option. For a mere IDR 65.000 this dish can fill you up nicely. Sushi lovers will also be happy here, because of its endless options of maki rolls, sashimi, nigiri and sushi platter. We love their Dragon of Ji/IDR 110.000, that is plated like a dragon with its cute dragon face made out of prawn tempura. Ji Rainbow/IDR 85.000 that is served with fresh sliced raw fish is nothing like we’ve had before. So delicious!

For dessert we go all out, maybe because we’ve had a couple of drinks and are feeling a bit giddy. Sweets are the way to end the night. First we try the Lemon Pannacotta/IDR 50.000 that has the perfect balance of sweet and sour. The Green Tea Cheesecake with winter berries/IDR 65.000 is also a crowd’s favourite. But the one that stole the night is the Melted Chocolate Ball/IDR 65.000 with green tea ice cream, cashew nut crumble, fresh raspbery, amaretto cream, and hot caramel sauce. This dessert is awesome because when we pour the hot caramel sauce on top of the ball, the chocolate will melt and unveil the surprise inside.

Ji Terrace by the Sea celebrates Bali beach life to the fullest, with a magical sea, the best surf on the island and a limitless red horizon as a backdrop. We surely agree, this is the new IT place to be!

JI Terrace by The Sea
Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong – Canggu Beach
+62361 4731701 and +6281239652695


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