Review: Littletalks Ubud

People come to Ubud to find peace, serenity and a place to reconnect with themselves through interactions with other people. We found a small little corner in Ubud that does just that. Welcome to Littletalks Ubud: Library & Cafe…

One of the most famous spot in Ubud is the Campuhan River and it’s famous bridge. It is the home to many legendary restaurants and museums, too. The Campuhan River has its own charm and mystique. It is often the backdrop to various Balinese ceremony, since the Gunung Lebah Temple is there. Lucky enough, this is where we find Littletalks Ubud – hidden between the stairs. It is a small corner facing the river and filled with good food, fast WiFi, thousands of books and lots of new friends to meet. A place that will warm your heart from the very start.

This August 12th will mark the one year anniversary of Littletalks Ubud. This place started off as an abandoned space owned by a villa. The owner offered his space to some local friends, so they can use it as a place of gathering. These young entrepenurs take this opportunity to create something they love: a place filled with good books, good Indonesian food and good friends. A year later, Littletalks Ubud is everything they wished for.

They started off with books from their personal collection. They call it a library because now they have more than 1000 titles and that people can read the book at the cafe, or lend it and read it home. All you have to do is register and leave a deposit, that you will get back once you’ve returned the book. They got most of their books from the Ganesha book store donation, as well as book they bought or given by the customers. They used to offer free coffee in exchange for books. If you love reading, this place is just heaven!

Not only that, Littletalks Ubud has also blossom into a space where local communities gather and hang. This is not an easy task, but now Littletalks Ubud are known for its cool events. Every month they will host a documentary movie screening and discussion with the filmmaker; they also have Music in Library event; Art Exhibition; monthly workshop with various classes such as writing, photography, music, poetry and many more. They also have their book clubs, and they work with Cafe Bahasa to host Cinta Bahasa class. Check out the IG for details on new events.

When in comes to food, this comfy library and café offers Indonesian food as the star and continental delicious foods for lunch & dinner. We tried their Soto Ayam, and it’s just what we need on a cold windy night like the ones we’ve been having these past month. Don’t forget to try all the Indonesian classics, such as Tahu Telor, Udang Goreng Palalah, Gado-Gado and of course, Nasi Goreng.

One of the best thing about this place is their local coffee and their delicious snacks. A combo of hot and bitter coffee with pisang goreng or brownie is just perfect. If you’re just looking for a place to get lost in a book, or to meet creative young locals or to try home cooked Indonesian meal, Littletalks Ubud is the place to be.

Jl. Campuhan, Ubud, Sayan, Ubud
+62361 4792529


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