Review: Prego Cooking Class at Westin Bali

For those looking for a great weekend activity with your spouse or friends, The Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali have got something special for you. This March 2017, they decided to relaunch their cooking class program at Prego Restaurant. We are invited to try it first, and give a special report just for you.

Prego Cooking Class will be held twice a month during weekends led exclusively by Italian Chef Alessandro Molini, also known as Chef Alex. In this cooking class, Chef Alex is your guide to the history of Italian food, your mentor to the step by step of making a fettuccini and a great friend in the kitchen.

The cooking class was participated by six ladies and all are eager to cook fettuccini. Never would we expected that we are going to learn how to cook it from scratch – from making the dough to the sauce. Trust me, this is not an easy thing. But all the way through, Chef Alex managed to keep us interested and make the class fun.

He started by explaining the history of fettucini and how they would make it in his hometown of Montecrestese, Italy. He has a particular passion for baking and is keen to motivate aspiring home cooks. He said fresh pasta is something that women will make while they gather, and chat and gossips while creating something homey for their family.Throughout the class, he shared his culinary secrets about the preparation of authentic Italian cuisine and how he did it in his kitchen. It’s such a great experience and in the end, as I hold the plate of Fettuccini Carbonara, I made a whole dish by myself. That is one lunch I will never forget.

The next class will be held next Saturday, 18 March 2017.
Price: IDR 360,000++ per person.
This includes a certificate, recipe card and a delicious lunch for everyone in the relaxed ambiance of Prego Restaurant at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali.

For more information, please visit the website or follow the resort’s social media channels Facebook and Please also follow Prego social media on and


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