Review: Ti Moris Bali

Living in Bali these days means that you get to try the best that the culinary world has to offer. We got new Thailand place opening up, Peruvian hotspots and most recently a restaurant that serves food from Mauritius. This is definitely a first, and we can’t wait to try it out.

‘Ti Moris’ means ‘small island of Mauritius’ in Creole. But for us, it means small tasting plates that have lots of influences from all over the world. Chef Rivashna brings the flavors of exotic Indian, rustic French and hearty Chinese cuisine in one delicious Mauritian blend. When we first get to sample the menu, we are so interested because they look and taste familiar, but also new. This is the first one in Bali, indeed.

Ti Moris is located in the busy street of Batu Belig. The place is not too big, but we kinda like it because it gives us that intimate feels. A big colorful dodo bird will greet you. It is a place that invites us to come and experience the Mauritian hospitality, since one of the owners is originally from Mauritius, including the Head Chef and the manager. Ask them a question about the islands, and they will gladly answer. Meanwhile, the Chef prefer to tell her story through the food.

Tuck into native delights such as ‘Gateaux Piments’ or chili cakes made from yellow split peas for starters or Gato Pima, which are small balls of various beans and nuts, that’s crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. These two are considered the signature snacks of Mauritius. A must-try indeed.

The mains are super interesting. Most are served with rice or fries, salads and also their highly guarded chutneys and ‘Mazavaroo’ chili paste that help to spice things up. We love their Beef Salmi, that soaks the beef in red wine and slow-cooked to perfection, or the Fish Vindaye and their ile Maurice Fish & Chips for the seafood lover. If you want something hearty and just delicious, go for the Chinese Pork Bowl that’s super yum! And if you felt the heat of the Mauritius, don’t worry cos they have a special ending that will make everything better. They got a sweetly mashed ‘Banana Tarte’ that’s just to die for.

This October, they also have a special Tropical Lunch Special every day from 1-4PM. You can try their special menu, like The Indian Ocean, Boeuf Saucisse ala Ti Moris for IDR 110.000 net, and get complimentary dessert Ananas Flambe. Also, from 6-9 PM you can get selected craft cocktails for IDR 69.000, starting from their classics like Mojito, Mauritian Mule to their new Banana Choco Colada, Dragonfruit Daiguiri and much more.

Another reason why you need to be visiting Ti Moris daily is their specialty rum bar. Led by Head Bartender Daniel from the UK, the Ti Moris’ bar will mix up cocktail favorites with a twist such as the ‘Mauritian Mule’ made with spiced rum or the ‘Ti Moris Chili Shot’ with chili-infused rum for a drink with a kick. The national liquor of Mauritius is put in the main spotlight, and tipple enthusiast can sample local Mauritian rum distilled from sugarcane and infused with spices and fruits such as cinnamon, vanilla, lychees, and pineapples, alongside other distinguished labels from around the world. Ah, nothing says a great night like a good old bespoke rum!

Ti Moris Kitchen and Bar
Jl. Batu Belig, Gg. Merpati No.1, Kerobokan


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