Reza Sunardi, General Manager of Padma Resort Ubud

A man who called himself “Leader of the Wolf Pack” or the Alpha Wolf does not get to his position today by mere luck. It is gain by having a big vision, believing in himself and never stop working until he gets it. In only one year, Padma Resort Ubud managed to launch its position as Ubud’s leading resort. A while ago, Padma Resort Ubud were chosen by TripAdvisor as one of the Top 25 Hotels in Indonesia. This achievement will not happened if it weren’t for Mr. Reza who carefully chose his pack, train them to be the best and now, lead the best team in the world. Let’s hear his inspiring story.


WNB: How do your start your journey with Padma Hotel Group?

Reza: I studied at STP Bandung in the Room Division Management for three years. During which, I enter the grand recruitment and all 14 hotels hired me. I chose Jakarta Hilton – and worked in the management trainee program. In 1.5 years, I got the job as the Duty Manager, and then as AFOM. Then my adventure with Bali Padma Hotel began as I was hired to be the Front Office Manager, one of the youngest one. At the same time, I was also trusted as the Head of the Front Office Manager Association in Bali. This started my love for associations. I believe in networking. This is where it all started. I worked in all other places afterwards, but come back here in the end.

WNB: Is that why you are now also the President of Indonesian Hotels General Manager Association?

Reza: In almost every stage of my career, I also became the Head of the Association. Now, I am the alpha wolf as I lead 1300 GM in all Indonesia. I am also Director of Training Development Bali Hotel Association. My vision is to bring the IHGMA in the world stage. We want to be the dominant player in our own country.

WNB: You are very confident, aren’t you?

Reza: Funny story, when I was in the management trainee, amongst all foreigners, they asked me: What is your biggest strength and weakness? My answer: My biggest strength is I am overly confident; My weakness is that I am overly confident. That being said, I always believe and push myself to be the best. Ever since I was in college, I was always the best. I got hired in all 14 hotels in the grand recruitment. When I studied Brand Specialist in MarkPlus, Inc, out of the 45 participants, I was the best. I am still one of their lead facilitator up until today. When I joined the training in Le Meridien Singapore, I brought home 7 certificates while other only had one. I’m just very competitive, and I pushed myself. I work more hours than other people. I am very driven!

WNB: How did you climb your way in becoming the GM of Padma Resort Ubud?

Can you believe it, in three years period I got five promotions. This is because three years before Padma Resort Ubud is open, I was offered the positions as the GM. Since the resort is not yet opened, in 2015, I joined Parma Resort Legian as their Director of Rooms. Then, because he thought the rooms was very successful, I was promoted as EAM F&B without any F&B experience, leading 7 outlets. He just believed in my management style. I was also very successful in this departments, I exceed the target within 6 months. Then Padma Resort Legian sends me to Cornell University in the General Manager Program in 2014, to prepare me in becoming the GM of Padma Resort Ubud.

WNB: That is quite an investment on Padma Resort’s part. They have that much confidence in you to lead this project.

Reza: The program I enter is the best in the world, and they only accept 55 out of 700 applicants. I got in, and I score the best. This is the best thing about Padma, they believe in the people and letting them grow. I believe in designing people into the best, because I also design myself to be the best. When we open Padma Resort Ubud, our challenge was to hire 45% of the local people as our staff. These are people with no experience. So what we do is, two years before we open we send them to hospitality school with scholarship from Padma Hotels. They studied for one year, and spend the other year working for the best hotels in Bali. So we got an educated and experienced staff, with local people loyalty because they all live nearby the hotel. Great leader create great leader. So I only have one job: to create great leaders in my team. Now, I have champion team working with me!

WNB: What do you do for fun?

Reza: I love books. They are my mentors and my pleasure. I’ve been reading since the fifth grade in Elementary School. I am an extreme book reader. I read The Story of a Business Philosophy by Isadore Sharp; On Competition by Michael E. Porter; The New Gold Standard of Ritz-Carlton; Harvard Business Review and so much more. And also I have the best book in the world, “Kebangkitan Merek Lokal Industri Perhotelan di Indonesia”, by Reza Sunardi.

WNB: How do you motivate yourself everyday?

Reza: I believe in having five yahoos everyday. The first thing I do when I woke up and open my eyes, I am grateful for my beautiful wife and amazing boys. So I say, “Yahoo.” That’s my first yahoo. Then, as I’m leaving my house, I am grateful because I have the best job in the world, the best owner and I work in the best hotel in Indonesia. Then I say again, “Yahoo.” When I got to the office, I said “Yahoo, I am going to have fun today. I never work because I love what I do and it’s fun.” That’s my third yahoo. When I finish work, I say “Yahoo, I’ve accomplished million things today.” Then I said my last yahoo as I went home because I got to come home to the Moonstone powerhouse and rest.

WNB: What’s your motto?

Reza: I think therefore I am – Cogito Ergo Sum. You become the best when you believe you are the best. This is something I practice everyday, and I applied this to my team to. This will create an aura of greatness and will invite great people in your circle.

WNB: What next for you, Sir?

Reza: I just had a meeting with my ex lecturer from STP Bandung, and she said I was selected as one of the 55 inspiring people in Indonesia’s Hospitality Industry. This is just one of many great things that you will hear from me and from Padma Resort Ubud.



Banjar Carik, Desa Puhu, Payangan, Ubud.

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