Rip Curl Cup 2017 Opening Ceremony

It’s a fun filled weekend last July 9th as the media, invited athletes and surf fans from around the globe gathered at Padang Padang beach on Sunday for the opening ceremony of the Rip Curl Cup 2017. They came from far and wide to bless the event with good waves, a safe competition, and officially christen the start of the holding period to the one of a kind tube riding invitational.

Rip Curl Cup 2017 is a special event that has been going on for 14 years now. “It’s on when it’s on” is their motto, because it is the only competition of its kind who actually had a one month waiting period for the perfect wave worthy of the surfers. It is also the only event that has the same amount of local surfers and international surfers – and they got an even chance to ride the magical waves of Padang-Padang. The most amazing thing is the fact that throughout the 14 years, there are only two international winners.

Last year’s defending champion Mega Semadhi (IND) is on the front runners to win the cup. However, as the opening ceremony take place, we got the amazing news that Garut Widiarta (IND) – the Rip Curl Sup 2014 Champion, just won the Uluwatu Board Riders competition that very same day. So, he’s also the one to beat. Joining these two are Indonesian surf legend, Rizal Tandjung, 3 times World Champion Tom Curren (US), Mason Ho from Hawaii and Jack Robinson (Australia). All 16 surfers are now on-call to be at Padang Padang within 24 hours notice if and when event directors decide to give the green light to run in the sightings of the perfect wave.

The opening ceremony was capped off with the traditional Balinese Kecak Dance performance, to ask the Balinese Gods for permission to hold the contest at this sacred spot and for a massive Padang Padang swell to arrive during the waiting period. A series of Indian Ocean swells are forecast to reach Bali in the coming weeks and contest directors are monitoring them closely. According to Surfline, the official surf forecast partner of the Rip Curl Cup, the first significant swell will reach Bali on July 15-16, and a possible better swell is currently on the charts for July 20-22. Contest directors are monitoring these swells closely should they develop into potential contest swells to run the Rip Curl Cup.

Hit this link to see the competition live:


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