Seven reasons why Bali is the best destination for family holidays

Time to decide where the next family holiday should be! Not just for you and your partner, but the whole gang of four. Or five! And, as the kids are a bit older, their input counts now.

Bali is always an excellent choice. From beautiful beaches to the lush rice terraces around Ubud, from the local culture to the purpose-built attractions in Bali for kids – the list of family entertainment activities is endless.

Here’s a list to help make your family holiday a success:

  1. There is a crazy amount of Bali family accommodation which can make stays very easy.

    Our favorites are jotted here: Best Family Package in Bali and Hotels in Bali with direct beach access.

    Montigo Resorts
  2. Bali is very welcoming of all kinds of palates.

    You still want to do your regular Family Day Pizza ? Done. Sneaking out with your partner for a fancy French restaurant with wines you can’t pronounce? Vegan Restaurants? Authentic Indonesian Cuisine ? You rent a non-serviced villa and your particular teenager only eats the freshest bread? Checked!

3. Good value

For a few dollars, you can easily find something to eat, have a beer or a deep-tissue massage that all parents have earned. But also, there’s also places where you can have spa journey together with your children; Bali Family Spa

Family Spa
4. Something for everyone

Mothers can put up their feet and have a traditional facial, or maybe try yoga, while the kids are busy doing activities like a Balinese dance class, arts and craft studio, or trying to make a kite. We have a cheat sheet of which hotels have the best Kids Club on the island: Hotels with best kids club. These hotels also provide certified baby-sitting service, so you can your spouse can always escape to hit some Romantic spots in Bali for a while! There are options for fathers to have a little bit of a me time too, like going to a Cigar Bar or sports bar in Bali.

Mövenpick Resort & Spa Kids Club
5. There are endless ways to bond in a fun way

When it’s time to do something fun together again, there’s an endless list of Bali’s Best Beach Club to visit or cultural shows to enjoy together. Your children are into art and history? Check this Five Best Museums in Bali

Roosterfish Beach Club Bali
6. There’s always something you can bring home

What is a holiday without some tan to show off aside from Instagram stories? You can  actually bring home more than that. From fond memories, beautiful souvenirs, to a new skill like surfing and cooking! Check this one out: Cooking class in Bali.

Cooking Class
7. Land of many languanges

Don’t worry about something being lost in translation. The local tourism sector is adept at dealing with visitors from all over the world. They can easily communicate in English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and even Korean!

Balinese Ladies

Are we there yet?


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