Sharing is Everything: Where to Eat Megibung in Bali

Liwetan or sharing food over banana leaves is on the rise in Indonesia. However, many forget that this is also a common tradition in Bali and we call them Megibung. We listed the best places that serves Megibung on their menu in Bali.

What is Megibung? Megibung comes from the word Gibung which means an activity done by many people, where they share something to one another. The tradition was introduced by the King of Karangasem during the war, where they would often sit in circles and share the food in front of them. Nowadays, the people in Bali still do Megibung when there is a special occasions in the family or village. One set of meal with rice, meat and vegetables is called sela, and it’s customary that one sela is to be eaten by eight person. However, in this modern days, now there are many restaurants who serves Megibung, and they are normally served for two. If you’re interested to try Megibung, you will get to taste the authentic Balinese set menu. So, it’s an unforgetable experience that you must try, when in Bali. We listed some of our favourites…

Where: The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali
Phone: +62361 759991
Price: IDR 355.000 & IDR 375.000, ++
We tried it, and we love it! This is actually our first introduction to Megibung, and you’ll be happy to try the Megibung experience here. The staff are so friendly and eager to share the stories of Megibung with you. At Kunyit Restaurant, there’s two type of Megibung that you can choose from: Tenganan and Bali Aga. This refers to two areas in Bali that are famous for their Megibung. Of course, each one offers different specialties. The Tenganan set starts with three types of satay, followed with Komoh Ikan soup, then 6 items from fish, chicken and prawn served on a big tray. Meanwhile, the Bali Aga set contains pork. They starts you off with two types of satay, followed with Cramcam Ayam soup and 6 items. Each set is served with two types of sambal and white and red rice options, plus dessert. What’s unique about the Megibung at Kunyit is the whole experience. First, they explain about the story of Megibung. Then, when we are about to start, the staff will provide a small bowl and they will pour water to wash our hands. This is because Megibung are often enjoyed with our hands. This is a procession usually reserved for the elites. Kunyit Restaurant is the ideal introduction to traditional delicacies of Bali and Indonesia. So, do come here for their famous Megibung.

Where: Hilton Bali Resort
Phone: +62361 773377
Price: IDR 600.000 net/set for 2 persons.
Eating Megibung is always a feast. This is a feeling you’ll get when you try the Megibung dinner by the cliff at Paon Bali Resto & Bar at Hilton Bali Resort. Available from 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm, Megibung dinner will be served on a Balinese traditional tray. There, you can try all the delicious Balinese menu, starting from the spicy shrimp, pepes ikan, betutu chicken, and a juicy lamb, plus sate lilit and beef satay. The menu will also be served with three types of sambal, rice, vegetables and desserts. The whole ambiance of the restaurant is so Indonesian, and they have various vintage Indonesian decor that is so unique. If you are celebrating something special, we recommend you enjoy the Megibung outside, where you can see the beautiful stars over the breathtaking sea-facing cliff.

Where: Alila Villas Uluwatu
Phone: +62361 8482166
Price: IDR 785.000++ for two
The Warung always stay true of their commitment in serving the best traditional Indonesian and Balinese fare. The concept of the restaurant itself is very open and casual. They have big communal tables and private tables for whatever mood you’re in. If you feel like sharing, go try their version of Balinese Megibung. Keeping it natural, dishes are made using local produce, fresh from organic gardens, ensuring optimum flavour and wholesome goodness, without any added MSG. What you will try in a Megibung set is Sate Lilit Ikan, Sambel Be, Tongkol Siap, Base Kalas, Bebek Goreng Bali, Lawar Ayam, Lawar Udang Srombotan, Babi Panggang, and Es Daluman. Yum!

Where: The Laguna Resort & Spa Nusa Dua Bali
Phone: +62361 771327
Price: IDR 300.000++ per person (food only) – IDR 695.000++ per person with wine pairing
Cornerstone presents this vast repast of village dishes, each with its own origin and story, for discerning diners keen to experience Bali. They sure takes it seriously because what they serve in their Quintessentially Megibung menu is a feast to remember. First, we start with Sop Cram cam. Then you get a selection of white, yellow or red rice Sayur plecing kacang panjang. Paired that with Be sampi menyat-nyat, Ayam panggang, Pepes ikan, Sate lilit, and Timbungan babi. Finally, end it on a sweet note with desserts like Bubur Injin, Klepon Tabanan, Lak-Lak Pandan, and Daluman. This is like a journey to Bali’s culinary world, all in one place.

Where: Golden Tulip Jineng Resort Bali
Phone: +62361 4727488
Price: starting from IDR 25.000 – 55.000
The Dhanya Restaurant has a different take on Megibung. Because it can be pricey to try the whole set, they decided to launch their Megibung Style Tapas. Taste as many as you want with small plates of “Megibung Style” menu for a feast on the table with a wide variety of tasty local flavors and indulgent small plates to enjoy whether with a date or a group of close friends.
The “Megibung Style” menu includes Ayam Betutu, Ayam Pelalah, Beef Rendang, Sate Lilit, Balinese Spiced Grilled Calamary, Lawar Bali, Pepes Tahu, Javanese Vegetables Urap, Plecing Kangkung, and various kind of Sambals from the mildest red chili paste, Sambal Badjak to Javanese hell-fire chili paste, Sambal Korek. Order what you like, as much as you want them!


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