Stark Beer: From Bali With Love

stark-beer3What do you choose on a hot day in Bali? A cold beer. Now we have something better: A cold craft beer brewed in Bali: Stark Beer.

Early this November, What’s New Bali got a chance to attend the relaunch party of Stark Craft Beer. Founded in 2014 by two business man, Bona Budhisurya and Jacob Suryanata, Stark Beer is a refreshing alternatives to existing beer brands. In the past, the beer industry in Indonesia has always meant pilsener or lager type beers. Thus, the two men who did a course on beer brewing back in college decided to do something about this.

stark-beer1“We wanted to introduce craft beer to Indonesia and in return make a world class Indonesian Craft Beer to be enjoyed internationally. We believe great tasting beer is crafted not manufactured,” says Jacob Suryanata, chairman at Stark Craft Beer.

So, Stark Beer was born and now it is ready to dominate the beer market with its craft beer. As the only craft beer in Indonesia, Stark has six variants: Wheat, Dark Wheat, Indonesian Pale Ale (IPA), Low Carbohydrate Lager, Lychee Ale and Mango Ale. This relaunching, with the new logo, is meant to position Stark as the only premium craft beer from Indonesia, produced in Bali.

stark-beer5Passionately brewed in the north of Bali, Stark Craft Beer sources the purest spring water from the Batu Karu Mountain to produce high quality craft beer. This is an amazing breakthrough, because they have built a craft brewery on the mountain slope in Singaraja, Bali, just to access the purest spring water. This is essential, because water is the main ingredient in the beer making process (95% of a beer is water) and will determine the flavor and ensure a high quality beer. The water is filtered three times before it is processed together with other best quality ingredients, such as barley, wheat, oats, hops, etc. Stark Craft Beer does not use additional corn, always fresh, has zero preservatives and uses no chemicals. That is why we should be proud to have Stark Craft Beer as the only beer made in Bali.

stark-beer2Stark Craft Beer is available in selected restaurants, hotels and pubs in Bali, as well as in Jakarta and Surabaya. Can’t wait to see it soon all over Indonesia and all over the world, making us proud!



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