Stark Craft Beer Relaunching Party

The night is filled with beautiful people and laughter as the who’s who in Bali celebrates the re-launch party of Stark Craft Beer. The event starts at 7 PM at the Sky Deck, Potato Head Beach Club Bali, one of Stark Craft Beer partner. The music, the beautiful sunset, the beach and the free flow Stark Craft Beer throughout the evening makes the event unforgettable.

Stark Craft Beer is the only craft beer in Indonesia, because it uses the finest ingredients to make. Not only that, they are also the only beer brewed in Bali. Made using the Spring Water of Mount Batu Karu, they build the brewery in Singaraja with nature as its surroundings. We wanted to introduce craft beer to Indonesia and in return make a world class Indonesian Craft Beer to be enjoyed internationally. We believe great tasting beer is crafted not manufactured,” says Jacob Suryanata, chairman at Stark Craft Beer.

Good luck, Stark Craft Beer.


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