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  1. Hope it can be published soon. See you at SOL Sessions!

  2. Greetings!!!
    Hope this email finds you in the best of health & spirit….
    World Cosmetic and Dermatology Congress is going to be held at Bali, Indonesia during November 26-27, 2018. International Congress on Cosmetic & Dermatology is intended to provide insights on the emerging therapies and for various skin conditions thus the theme “Cosmetic And Dermatology: Discovering the New Era of Skincare” has been chosen to foster the wide range of sub-specialties of dermatology. The conference will explore the advances in dermatology World cosmetic and dermatology Congress 2018 invites delegates and participants from across all continents. The conference will explore the advances in dermatology. Dermatology establishments are creating an ideal platform to share expertise, collaborate across and to assess rising technologies across the world. This conference could be an exceptional event that brings along novel and international dermatologists from leading universities.
    Website: https://cosmetic.dermatologymeeting.com/
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at cosmeticdermatology2018@gmail.com
    We hope to see you in Bali, Indonesia.

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