Summer DJ Fest for S.K.A.I. Beach Club 2nd Anniversary


Last April 21st, we celebrated S.K.A.I. Beach Club at Padma Resort Legian’s 2nd anniversary. Naturally, they hosted a big summer party with amazing DJ’s with all the cool crowds. The party was titled: The DJ Summer Fest, so all night long we are entertained by cool DJ’s like Goodgrip, Yuki, Koyuki, Ardi, Angellow and Aura. The beat doesn’t stop, so does the dancing and the laughter and the fun!

Some came dress to impress, while some are ready to hit the pool. One thing for sure, everyone had a great time. Chef Theo and his crew prepared delicious snacks, from the fried rice, corn on the cob, chicken wings and french fries. Meanwhile the bar serves up their famous cocktails and had a special blend of sangria that really made our night. Happy anniversary S.K.A.I Beach Club. Cheers to another great years ahead!


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