Swirl, Sniff, Sip & Savor at The Best Brew

A night with fine wine and great food pairing is what you called a fantastic night. This is exactly what we had at The Best Brew, when Chef de Cuisine I Komang Wirta colaborate with award-winning Sommelier, I Nyoman Adnyana from PAN Bali. Here’s what they got for us…

The night was pretty casual. At the Best Brew, Four Points by Sheraton Bali, Kuta, people are lounging at their outdoor table. Some are drinking beer while watching sports on TV. Everybody was chilling. This is the vibe at The Best Brew. You just knew that you’re going to have fun. Hawever, that Sunday Night, they have something special. This is the first night they’re doing the Swirl, Sniff, Sip & Savor at The Best Brew – a wine pairing event in colaboration with PAN Bali.

The night starts with a Sekar Jagad dance that’s just breathtaking. It captivated the people and get their attention. Then Chef de Cuisine I Komang Wirta and Sommelier, I Nyoman Adnyana from PAN Bali explained what the evening is all about. This is an interesting colaboration, because these international wines are being paired with Indonesian food. The first pairing of the night is a beautiful and light Beringer Chardonnay, 2015, from California with Tuna Kalasan. We all know and love the Nusantara Buffet at Four Points by Sheraton Bali, Kuta. The Tuna was moist and drenched with the tasty Indonesian spices. Somehow, the fruity and light baked notes of the wine goes perfectly with the tuna, that’s just a bit spicy. If the first one is as good as this, we can’t wait for the next one.

Our second pairing is as interesting as before. The Cliffhanger Riesling Mosel from Germany is paired with Chicken Betutu. Now, this one is spicy, and Chef Komang surely wow everyone. Yet, the Riesling, which is the world’s finest white-wine grape variety, compliments it well. It soothes the mouth after a spicy dish and gives a refreshing sensation.

Before the third one starts, we are once again entertained by another Balinese Dance. Everybody was happy at this point that they started to join the dancer on this interactive dance. Then, on to our next pairing: Gabbiano Chianti, 2015, from Italy paired with Chicken Satay. The smokey and nutty flavour from the satay is pretty bold. Well, that’s just how we like it in Indonesia. This goes well with the wine that has asavoury and juicy taste with attractive sour cherry notes. If you love your red wine, this one is just perfect!

The last pairing is Cabernet Sauvignon with Beef Rendang. Big bold flavour to end the night with a punch. Sommelier Adnyana said that tonight’s pairing proved how great Indonesian food goes with wines. And just like what a great wine does, it makes your night fun, especially when shared with your loved ones. We can’t wait for the next event.

Four Points by Sheraton Bali, Kuta
Jalan Benesari, Banjar Pengabetan, Kuta Bali
+62361 849 6606


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