Tappit Offers Payment Convenience in Bali

Last Bestival, we were introduced to a cashless payment system called tappit. Now, they’re ready to expand their services in Bali.

A cashless paradise is no longer a dream with the introduction of tappit to Bali. Tappit, a cashless experience specialist, brings a wealth of expertise to Bali, having delivered the cashless experience to venues around the world. Think beach clubs, nightclubs, resorts, and events. Imagine replacing your booking confirmation, ticket, admission passes, room key card, tab number, cash, paper bills with one item only: your wristband/card. All you have to do to transact it tap it.

Inside the wristbands sits a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip that not only grants visitors access to the venue but also acts as a digital wallet that serves as the payment method for food, beverage, and merchandise. Venues also have the option to offer something more to the guests, including the ability to preload funds prior to their visit and online cash outs after they leave. tappit’s RFID system ensures quicker transactions, shorter queues and more time for venue and event visitors to enjoy their Bali time, while businesses and organizers benefit from higher revenues, efficiencies and seamless operational procedures.

Are you ready for a cashless Bali? We’re liking it!


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