TEDxUbud 2017 was LIT!


TEDxUbud 2017 took place on Saturday, May 20 at Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets in Ubud, Bali. With the theme: Make the Light, they surely brighten up the day for all participants. This is the first TEDxUbud held at night, so they really use the opportunity to play with it: starting from the Human Puppet Shadow Theatre installation by Elami Co., the illuminating bird by Joe Crossley, to the Zurich Indonesia’s solar light photo wall and glow-in-the-dark body painting for everyone. The rest area is designed like a big park with picnic tables everywhere, so people can chat and rest between breaks. The food are from Locavore, Room 4 Dessert, Bali Pop, Big Tree Farms, La Pacha Mama, Bali Buda, Moksa, Stark Beer, Coffeenatics and The Elephant. So, yes, everybody was happy.

The night was divided into three sessions, and time sure flies when you are surrounded with brilliant minds sharing ideas. We started of with Tika Jahja whose voice and opinions on feminism really touched our hearts. Then Trudy Rilling-Collins, the mosquito whisperer, shares her experience in dealing with this insect and how to trully manage them. Kevin Kumala wows the audience with his edible plastic innovation, while Lana Kristanto investigate our decision-making process. Then, Grey Tan and Joe Crossley impress with their inventions.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, so having great performances is vital to the cause. With the lush greeneries as the background, everybody was amazed on how amazing the performances were. Sanggar Paripurna opens the event with Balinese Dance, and Prana shows us how to utilize traditional instruments and make a beautiful song. Jasmine Okubo previewed her Kukusan Paon performance inspired by Ibu Made of Made’s Warung, and showcase how women can get her strength from the kitchen. Made Sidia really heated up the night with his Puppet Shadow performace that really takes things to the next level. And the night ends with a dashing performance by Tika and The Dissidents. What a great night indeed.


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