Thanksgiving Celebration, and where to hunt the Black Friday sale!

Greetings from Sunny Bali

This November 24th many of us will celebrate Thanksgiving… If you missed the good old dinner but don’t want the hassle of carving a turkey, why don’t you check out the latest What’s New Bali article that highlights the places that offers Thanksgiving dinner or simply a piece of home through their food.

That being said, Thanksgiving is not the same without the Black Friday Sale. This is the moment where we leave our house after the delicious Thursday Thanksgiving dinner and just hunt down all the crazy sale before Christmas came. Which shopping places in Bali offers the black Friday special? We got the news for you here.

Last but not least, Alaya Resort Ubud wins the AsiaSpa Awards 2016,for the Eco-Hotel/Resort of the Year. Mr. Jimmy Gunawan was in Hong Kong to receive the award last November 16th. This is a proud moment from Bali as the AsiaSpa Awards is an annual event that sets a benchmark for spas and resorts in the region, as well as around the world. Congratulations!

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