The Ladera Villa – A Home in The Heart of Ubud

When you look up the word Ladera in the dictionary, it is a Spanish word for Hillside. This is exactly what Villa Ladera is: the villa on the hillside. Located on Jalan Bisma, when you drive there from Ubud central, you have to drive trough a small slope to get to the villa. Then, you will find a beautiful sanctuary that is private and intimate, yet within walking distance of the best that Ubud has to offer. In the midst of big chain hotels with their luxurious facilities, we find it refreshing to find a place that still got that old-school authentic Bali vibe. Here are the reasons why we love The Ladera Villa Ubud.

1. The Love Shack
The love is in the air as you enter your villa. You will be greeted by a big bed with mosquito nets (a must-have in Ubud) with the love swan towels. This is a clear sign that you have enter the love shack. The room has all the modern amenities that you need, but it is designed in such a way that makes you think of home. Maybe it’s the big windows that allows sunshine to come through, or the high ceiling with thatched roof, the wooden floor or just the fact that the room is very spacious. They have a separate area for kitchen, bathroom and pool, leaving the room to serve its main purpose: sleeping.

2. The Private Pool
When you book a room here, you can choose between a room with or without private pool. If you do choose the one with private pool, it’s perfect for all situations. From the comfort of your own room, you can enjoy beautiful starry nights while dipping in the pool with your loved ones. Or after a long walk through Ubud, a nice swim in the middle of a hot day is the way to go. The small garden is also beautiful because it adds lots of greens in the villa.

3. The Outdoor Kitchen
Sometimes when you just came out of the pool, you want to grab a drink or eat something. This is where the outdoor kitchen comes in handy. Just a few steps from the pool, you can go directly to the kitchen. There’s a small fridge, a sink to wash the dishes, and dining table. We love to have our breakfast in the room. The staff will place the food in the dining table, and set everything up just like you’re eating in the restaurant. So convenient.

4. The Main Pool
If you want to enjoy a bigger pool so you can exercise better, or just want to play with your family, The Ladera Villa Ubud offers a pool outside the villa. There’s even a cute unicorn floaties to keep you entertained. You can lounge in and relax in their bale bengong or their bale bengong. All the while you are surrounded by trees and greeneries, making the place so relaxing.

5. The Pathway
The first thing we notice when the staff escort us to the villa is how beautiful their pathway is. We really love how The Ladera Villa invest in their gardens and how they allow lots of plants and flowers to grow naturally all over the villas. Their walls are filled with vines, making it the perfect backdrop for an impromptu photo sessions.

6. The Restaurants
If you came to Ubud to getaway from the hustle and bustle, the restaurant at The Ladera Villa is something you will appreciate. Located right in front of the lobby, at the Bisma street, it is the perfect spot to sit down and watch people passes by while enjoying a cup of Balinese Coffee or Indonesian traditional snacks. In the morning, if you opt to have your breakfast here, you can really absorb the tranquility of Ubud. Bisma Street is a beautiful street that are not crowded like the rest of Ubud. So, sit back, enjoy the day or talk to the staff. This is why you came to Ubud.

7. The Location
Ladera Villa Ubud is located in the heart of Ubud, within minutes of walking distance from ubud market and conveniently close to restaurant, shops and galleries. Puri Lukisan Museum is 5 minutes’ walk while Ubud Market and Ubud Royal Palace are a 10-minute walk away. Antonio Blanco Museum is a 20-minute walk from Ladera Villa Ubud. There is also a shortcut that will lead you straight to Monkey Forest. Ask the staff to hook you up with affordable transport, if you dont feel like walking.

Ladera Villa Ubud
Jalan Bisma No. 25 Ubud
+62361 978 127


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