Things to do after your Bali Marathon

Readers of Runhood online magazine have voted the Maybank Bali Marathon as “The Best 2017 Marathon Race” in Indonesia. We were one of the voters.

Maybank Bali Marathon (Photo of MI online)

So it is  no surprise that elite and amateur runners will flock to Bali this weekend, amped up for their 10k, 21k, or 42k run at the 8th Maybank Bali Marathon event.

We know most runners will hang around post-race, spending a few days resting and enjoying their recovery time, exploring the island.  So, here is our welcome list to make that extended stay more memorable:

  1. The medal shot by the beach.

    AYANA Resort and Spa

You did not train so hard to run and just to chuck your medal inside your bag. Bite them hard and capture that special moment once you cross the finish line. The runner’s favourite picture is of the medal itself being placed ever so particularly on the beach… you know what we mean… classy, beautifully carved medals (ahem, thank you Balinese artisans) lying on the white sand with the bright blue sky as background. #BaliMarathonFinisher

Which beaches are best? Pandawa beach, Kuta beach, Nusa Dua beach, all make perfect settings for the all important photo shoot. If you have less time, book your stay at a beach front hotel. Here’s the cheat sheet: Best resorts in Bali with direct beach access .

  1. Don’t Have a Post-Race Massage, Recover with a Swim or Cycle.

    Beer Spa

Let us tell you the painful truth: you shouldn’t have that complimentary deep-tissue massage offered at the end of the race. Just bananas for you, please. Studies have shown that your muscles are completely knocked out at this point and are actually bleeding. You need to rest them.

Wait a few days and meanwhile try some light exercise instead; a slow jog or cycling is recommended! Massages with light strokes are ideal too. Consider getting warmed up beforehand with ice packs or a cold bath.

Only after you feel the soreness has disappeared, should you try some light massage or spa treatment.

Want to try something completely new? Enjoy a beer Spa Beer Spa at Anantara Seminyak which apparently helps to remove dead skin cells.

  1. Go Out for a Victory Meal

    La Cascata Italian Restaurant

If finishing a marathon is on your bucket list of  “Things to do before I die”, your eyes are most probably on one of the prizes too: an excuse to eat your heart out.

But even if you did finish strong, and are feeling pretty good after your marathon, your body will still not be capable of breaking down a large amount of food immediately. You enjoyed your carbo-loading week, and this is the time for you to load up on protein. Sports dietitians say protein helps speed up muscle repair after hard workouts, leading to a faster recovery. The key is having the right amount at the right time, without skimping on fluids and carbohydrates.

And worry not, you’re in Bali; a haven for glorious food that can instantly offer you a much-needed remedy. To make it easier for you, check: Best Brunch in Bali , Best Italian Restaurants in Bali, or even Best Vegan Restaurants in Bali  .

  1. Resting at a hip Bali beach club

    Cocoon Beach Club

Hanging out at Bali’s beach clubs is probably already in your list, marathon or not. Tasty cocktails, good food, fine tunes and picturesque views that are Instagram-worthy are just a few of the reasons why.

But the choices are endless and you may only have another day to stay in paradise. Enter our list of Best Beach Club in Bali

PS: You can bring your medal here too while you rock your new bathing suit!

  1. Dance the night away

    Roosterfish Beach Club Bali

Remember your training regime? When you had to postpone your weekend plans simply because a “long run” was planned for the next day? Days when you feel you need a nap because you’ve been awake since 4am for your interval training.

Here comes pay back. Leave your running shoes at the hotel, put on your dancing shoes, and dance the night away at your favourite clubs on the island.

Here’s where to party: Bali’s favourite night clubs!

We wish you a safe, enjoyable run, and a relaxing recovery. See you next year!


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