Top 50 Bali Insider Facts You Need to Know

Visa and Passportvisaandpassport_large

  1. Visa on Arrival valid for 30 days. Day of arrival and departure day are counted as full days each.
  2. Your passport must be valid for 6 months when entering any cities in Indonesia, including Bali.
  3. One page must be empty for the visa stamp.
  4. Keep your boarding pass when you arrive, you might have to show it to the Immigration officer when needed.

    Accommodation & Going Out


  5. Ice cubes in restaurants are safe and government controlled.
  6. For 2-5 US$ one can have a decent meal in most restaurants in Bali, you just need to know where to look!
  7. One can still stay for as cheap as 15 US$ per night in home stays.
  8.  New budget hotels offer clean rooms with AC in larger hotel complexes for 20 US$
  9. Most prices are subject to tax (10%) and service charge (6-11%).
  10. Vegetarian and healthy food are on the rise and you can find vegetarian options in most restaurants in Bali.
  11. Price for hotel room in 4 star hotels or resorts 70-120 US$.
  12. Private, serviced Villas are a great alternative during your stay in Bali.

    Traffic & Transport


  13. Traffic in Bali is on the left-hand side, and it can get really crazy!
  14. Scooter costs around 4 US$ per day. Always check brakes and lights when you rent one and keep the mobile no. of the rental shop with you. You might need it.
  15. Car with driver for 8-10 hours costs 40-70 US$ per day. Make sure they have a driver’s license and the permission to be a driver (permit, insurance issues)
  16. Taxis are safe and cheap, but ask them to switch on the meter
  17. In Ubud no meter taxis are available; transport is organized by licensed drivers from the village.
  18. Want to rent a scooter or car? Bring your international driving license with you.



  19. To surf the internet anytime anywhere, Get a SIM card, preferably from a legit mobile shop, and ask for internet package. It is really affordable!
  20. Many restaurants have free WI-FI.
  21. Prepaid top up credit is called “PULSA



  22. Bali is a scuba diving paradise. There are more than 100 dive centers and great dive spots around the island.
  23. Full body massage starts 7 US$ per hour
  24. There are tons of spots for surfing for beginners at Kuta, Legian and Seminyak Beach
  25. Top Temples: Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, Besakih
  26. Shopping Paradise art work, handicrafts, oils and essence, clothes, shoes, furniture, accessories
  27. In the Day of Silence or Nyepi, no check-in or check-out from hotel is allowed. Entire island including the airport, will be shut down
  28. Manta Rays and Mola Mola fish Nusa Penida and Lembongan
  29. Getting married in Bali is easy; wedding companies offer full services.
  30. Don’t smile at the monkey in the monkeyforest or temples, showing teeth is a sign of aggression for them
  31. Water sport activities can be found at Benoa (jet ski, para gliding, water ski etc.)

    Safety & Manners

  32. Be careful where you step! When it’s raining, the sidewalks can be extremely slippery, and
  33. Sidewalks can have large and deep potholes, that are not visible at night
  34. Driving a scooter. Never go too fast. Accidents happen daily. Loose chippings are everywhere. Cats, dogs, chickens…anything can cross your way. And any vehicle can come towards you from any direction, anytime.
  35. Currents in the sea can be dangerous, and change depending on the weather and wind conditions; also good swimmers have drown on Bali
  36. Don’t do drugs – it’s not worth it, especially when you get caught! Even for petty drug related crimes, death sentence might be your gamble.
  37. People do lose their lives in Bali, often because of swimming or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (or both).
  38. There is crime on Bali, (although not much compared to many other destinations), so stay alert
  39. Prostitution is illegal in Bali
  40. Magic Mushrooms have recently became illegal.
  41. HIV/AIDS is widespread among prostitutes. Practice safe sex all the time!
  42. Being topless on the beach is not allowed.
  43. Balinese are open minded but they don’t like: people using their streets as toilets, topless guys in restaurants and shops, disrespectful and loud behavior, somebody touching their head!

    Bali by Area

  44. Kuta is always wild at night
  45. Seminyak has the most clubs and beach clubs that are more upper class
  46. Ubud is laid back, art, small shops, great food, healthy life style, and yoga. Think new age!
  47. Lembongan Island is easy to get to and is like Bali 40 years ago. Paradise!
  48. Sanur is more quiet, a bit upper class in general, with calm beaches, great restaurants at the beach side (Pantai Sindhu), and lots of live music.
  49. Indonesian clove cigarettes are called Kretek and are smoked everywhere. (you will smell it too!)
  50. Rainy season is from October to February, Dry season is from March to September
  51. Bali (incl. Lembongan) are one of the best surf destinations in the world
  52. Amed is the place where most scuba divers stay and where you find the wrecks
  53. Nusa Dua, 5 star resort area
  54. Jimbaran – seafood restaurants and BBQ directly on the beach, every night (busy, fresh seafood, tasty)
  55. Bukit Penisula in the south, it is surfer’s paradise and still a little bit off the beaten track. Padang Padang Beach, Bingin Beach, Dreamland, Uluwatu, Balangan.


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