Two Westerners Accused of Murder in Bali, Plans to Raise Cigarette Price & more

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An Australian woman and a British man have been named as suspectsin the murder of an Indonesian policeman on the resort island of Bali. Sara Connor, from Byron Bay, and David Taylor arrested over death of officer whose body was found with head wounds on Kuta beach. Sudarsa’s bruised body was found with wounds to the head and neck early on Wednesday on Kuta beach.

The Finance Ministry of Indonesia will study whether the price of a package of cigarettes can be raised to IDR 50,000 (approx. USD $3.8), almost twice as high as the current average price in Indonesia. It is estimated that there are 53.7 million active adult smokers and 2.6 million active youth smokers in Indonesia, making it the third-largest cigarette consumer in the world after China and Russia.

Indonesia’s House of Representatives (DPR) is considering a proposal to introduce a nationwide ban on alcohol, triggering uproar among holidaymakers and the country’s tourism sector. A bill seeking to prohibit the sale, distribution and the consumption of drinks with alcoholic content was last year put forward by two Islamist parties but a failure to achieve unanimity among legislators and concerns raised by affected stakeholders have left the proposal hanging. We are hoping that this bill will not become a reality, as it will seriously hamper the tourism sector that the government repeatedly said want to boost.

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