Wah Republic Opens at Level 21 Mall, Denpasar

It is always a curious thing, when an artist turns his passion to food. We wonder how creative would he be? Is visual an important element in his plating? Would he plays with spices and ingredients as an artist plays with his paint and brush? We talk and tried some of Pak Wah’s finest food as he opens his third restaurant in Level 21 Mall, Wah Republic.

Louis Wah wrote in his personal website: all or Nothing. He applied it in his life, in his art and in his food. He started his career as a fashion designer in HongKong, turns his passion into food in London and then fell in love with Bali and started his journey as a painter. You can say that creativity is his blood, and he can’t contain it. His first restaurant that got recognition in Bali is Wah Wah Gourmet Burger, as it is known for selling the most expensive burger in Bali. What you paid is what you get, cos Pak Wah only uses the best ingredients. For his burger, he uses only the never been frozen & most well-hung Wagyu Tenderloin Steak from Margaret river, somewhere in southwest of Aussie LaLaLand, with all the bad fat brutally removed except the marbling (Unsaturated Fat). This results in the juiciest, most bad-ass burger you can ever imagine.

Now, the most expensive burger in Bali came to Denpasar. This is an odd pairing, yet seems natural. This is because over the years, the spending power of the local people in Denpasar increases rapidly. They know good quality and they want more. However, as Pak Wah pointed out, there aren’t that many great restaurants in Denpasar that does not use MSG, uses the best ingredients and produses amazing quality food. However, Wah Republic acted as a sister restaurant that sells great food with a more affordable prices. For me, this is a great steal and I’m all about it!

What do Wah Republic offers? First, it is located in the heart of Denpasar – the new Level 21 Mall. This is already the place where people hang out with their friends and families. Wah Republic has two areas – indoor and outdoor. The place is very spacious, and they have space if you want a quick meal, a big table for your family, a place to sit and work or a comfortable couch to lounge in over a glass of wahpucinno.

Second, their food are amazing. If you’re a first-timer, you must try their famous selections of gourmet burger: Aussie Aged Sirloin, Pulled Pork, Fish FIllet, Zero Chicken and Veggie Burger. For those working in the area and want a good lunch, Wah Republic has a selection of Set Meal in-a-box that features amazing items from their menu, paired with rice, vegetables, sambal and crackers. They have the set with Chicken Tikka Masala, Thai Green Duck Curry, Pork Belly Rendang, Aussie Beef Rendang, Ausie Beef SHort Ribs and the Five Spices Crusted Pork Belly that ranges from IDR 70.000 to 90.000. We love their selections of fried rice, especially the Crispy 5-Spices Pork Belly Fried Rice that has generous portion, a light rice with hearty pork belly combined with tiny bits of pinneaple to balance out the flavour. Their version of corn fritters and Smoking Peri-peri chicken wings is always a favourite. And to end it on a sweet note, go for their Maple Bacon Ice Cream that will send you off to food heaven.

If you want to hang out with your girlfriends or have a quick meeting with a client, we recommend you to try their Afternoon Tea package that starts from 3-5 and offers a delightful selections of french pastries and savory mini sandwiches with a glass of tea or artisanal coffee. Oh, and since Wah Republic is located right next to Starbucks, you might want to try their version of Capucinno or Ice Chocolate sometimes. The Wahpucinno is topped with whipped cream – maple, caramel or chocolate, and sprinkled with nuts. It’s so rich, but not too sweet and you can actually get a kick of the coffee. Meanwhile, their monster Ice Choco is just mad dose of chocolate with chunks of valhrona brownie in it. Super delish!

Pic by Magejibril


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