Westin Bali host an Aqua Yoga Session to Celebrate Global Wellness Day

This weekend, we celebrate Global Wellness Day, and as Bali’s leading wellness resort Westin Bali host a special Aqua Yoga session. The event is lead by Westin Bali Wellnest Specialist Jitendra Pokhriyal.

Aqua Yoga is basically taking the principles and movement of yoga, and adjusting it to the water environment. Thus he had prepared a series of movements that will develop balance, strength and range of motion. This will involve low-impact exercises and stretching postures performed in water. There are some benefits to being in the water. First, being in the water releases gravity from our body and makes it easier to get optimum stretch. Being in the water relaxes you, while at the same time tones and strengthen our body.

The event starts at 8.20, and everyone gets in the pool for some warming up and stretching. Then gently, Jitendra lead the participants to start getting familiar with the water and do each movement as they body allows them to. There’s no need to push and force our way. You just do what your body allows you to do. There’s something calming about the whole session, yet it’s an exercise worth doing.

After the one hour session finished, guests tried the green refreshments from Westin Fresh by The Juicery. Then followed by complimentary access to thermal facilities at Heavenly Spa. Here, everyone can relax in the herbal steam room, sea salt sauna or at the thermal pool with water jets. In the end, everybody felt good about themselves, and this is what Global Wellness Day is all about. Westin Bali also announced that Aqua Yoga will be part of their Wellness Program very soon. We’ll let you know when that happens. Happy Global Wellness Day!


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