Where to Be Seen In Dewi Sri Street

Ever since Teuku Umar food street got hit with a new regulation: no parking by the sideroad, Dewi Sri got a new wave of crowd rushing in. Nowadays, this busy street is known for its many varieties of good food, affordable prices and 24-hours availability. It’s the street that never sleeps. What’s New Bali strolls up the street and choose six best places to be.


Where: Jl Dewi Sri no 9A, Kuta.

Open: 11AM-10PM

When you stroll down Dewi Sri street, Moringa will be the one place you remember. It’s contemporary design, with big murals and glass-walls are striking amongst simpler restaurants in the street. It is the creation of the amazing Chef Mandif Warokka. It serves up an International fusion bistro where taste, form, texture, color and casual elegance blend together. Its focus is on fresh, healthy and local ingredients, which is reflected on the name Moringa, or kelor in Bahasa Indonesia, that is on the rise as a super-food packed with nutrition. We love their interpretation of local food, like Tiger Prawn and Asinan Jakarta, Cakalang Fufu Fried Noodle, Klappertart and many more.

  1. moringa1 PUTRI HIJAU

Where: FoodCentre Dewi Sri.

Open: 10AM-12PM

Right by the junction of Dewi Sri, there’s a new food court that houses many unique street vendor. One place we love is the sister restaurants that is Putri Hijau and Kwetiaw Beras 88. Separated by a hall way and restrooms, this two restaurant couldn’t be any different. The Kwetiaw Beras 88 has simple menus. It sells variants of fried and soup noodles, rice noodles, kwetiaw and rice with pork. They serve it in a small metal plate that might look petite, but big in flavor. And trust us, you’ll be full. On the other side, Putri Hijau sells only halal food (non-pork). Our favorite is their fried oxtail with green chilies and sate padang. Every bite is intense with spices and flavors that will make you come back for more.

putri-hijau1WARUNG SODAGAR

Where: Jl Dewi Sri no 28B, Kuta.

Open: 10AM-10PM

Right in front of Warisan, there’s a place that looks like an antique shop. Well, it is an antique shop, with a twist. Every item there is curated and handpicked by Mr. Hendra who has been selling antiques for years. Inside that joglo, you can see Javanese bed, teakwood chairs, marble-top table, old chandeliers and ceramics vase as far as the eye can see. To utilize the space, Mr. Hendra invited Ms. Trisna and several chefs to setup an Indonesian restaurant. Looking at the menu we can see that it celebrates pork dishes, starting from Nasi Campur Babi, Babi Guling, Soysauce Pork, Pork Satay, BBQ Ribs and many more. They also have non-pork menu, such as Ayam Spesial Sodagar, Urab Sayur and many more.

  1. warung-sodagar1 SUNNY16 CAFE

Where: Jl. Dewi Sri No 68, Kuta – Fontana hotel

Open: 24 Hours

Located right next to the Portabella Bistro, Sunny 16 Café serves as a lounging space for guests, including non-hotel guests. This place is very cozy, indeed. When you walk in during the day, you can feel the cool breeze rescuing you from the hot Bali sun. When it’s nighttime, you had the comfort of knowing that this place opens 24 hours everyday. Whether it’s good coffee, a free WiFi, or amazing selections of pastries and cakes, Sunny16 Café will greet you like its best friend. We also love their living room and library design, makes it feel like home.

  1. sunny-163 COFFEE ENGINE

Where: Jl. Dewi Sri IV No 6, Kuta

Open: 10AM-22PM

One of the latest additions to Dewi Sri is Coffee Engine, which opens last April. It’s a rather small place, with only 20-25 seating capacities. However, it quickly gains popularity with its menu: Indomie. Yup, the Indonesian signature instant noodle over a great cup of coffee, and nice conversations are reasons why we love this place. They also partner with Bakmi Betutu – a crowd’s favorite and adds more food selection to the existing menu. While eating, you can have your motorcycle washed here, or get your hair cut on the barbershop upstairs. This place is also vape friendly, if that’s your thing.

  1. coffee-engine2 STICKEE

Where: Jl. Dewi Sri No.18C

Open: Monday-Saturday, 12AM-11PM

Stickee has been around Dewi Sri for some time now, but it always has something new to offer. We mean, always. They started as a small cute café that sells snacks and unique beverages. But now, they serve lunch and heavier menu. Everything is instagramable, from the flying noodle, colorful kue cubit and monster milkshakes.



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