Celebrating World Sleep Day with Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali

Last March 17th, the world celebrates World Sleep Day. In Bali, the celebration took place at Bali Collection – Nusa Dua, where Westin Resort Bali took over Lobby A and transform it into a place where dreams are made of. This event follows on the heels of the announcement of Westin’s commitment to the World Sleep Society as part of a larger effort to put ‘sleep shaming’ to bed.

With a big heavenly bed placed right in the center of the Bali Collection, all the guest knows that #SleepStrong is happening that day. The guests are treated to Westin’s signature SuperFood and healthy teas that is also known as the best drink to calm the nerves and prepare us for sleeping. A Heavenly Spa corner welcome all visitors to enjoy their neck massage that is oh so good. They prepare a big banner where guest can proudly announce how they love sleeping. Westin Resort Bali also bring their Wellness Specialist, Jitendra Pokhriyal, who invites all guest to try breathing excercises that can help you sleep better. Such an amazing event.

The #SleepStrong hashtag is used throughout the event to encourage the emerging pro-sleep movement and Westin’s pledge to support the World Sleep Society. The World Sleep Society is an esteemed non-profit organization whose mission is to advance sleep health worldwide and who shares the Westin brand’s commitment to raise awareness about the benefits of a better night’s sleep.

Beyond social media, Westin continues to find new ways to empower guests to regain control of their well-being and get their best rest while on the road. The latest in a series of sleep offerings, Westin is rolling out a “Bedtime Call” at more than 200 hotels around the globe, giving travelers the option to schedule a restful reminder for when they should turn-in and power-down to get a great night’s sleep. Guests can opt in upon request through the Westin Service Express team.

Whether travelers share their #SleepStrong moments on social media or schedule a bedtime call, Westin takes the stress out of sleeping well on the road. From the brand’s signature Heavenly® Bed and the new Sleep Well Lavender Balm bedside amenity, to the Sleep Well in-room dining menu, guests will undoubtedly rise feeling rejuvenated and perhaps return home with a new #SleepStrong-inspired routine.

Accreditation: Picture by Westin Bali and MageJibril


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